Breast Imaging

Erica Pollack, MD 

Director, RAD-AID Breast Imaging

Erica Pollack is a radiologist and head of the breast imaging section at Denver Health with an appointment of Assistant Professor in the Department of Radiology at the University of Colorado School of Medicine. Dr. Pollack graduated from New York University School of Medicine and completed radiology residency and breast imaging fellowship at Columbia University Medical Center. She began working with RAD-AID in 2011 as a Global Health Fellow by working in India to help launch the Asha Jyoti Program at PGIMER Chandigarh. In 2014, Dr. Pollack took a leadership role in RAD-AID India as Program Manager to continue developing and operating RAD-AID’s women’s health outreach program.

Currently, Dr. Pollack serves as Director of Breast Imaging at RAD-AID International and works with the RAD-AID country leaders to implement and support diagnostic and interventional breast imaging programs. She collaborates with the RAD-AID breast imagers and mammographers to establish best practices for efficient use of breast imaging services in low-resource areas. For more information on women’s imaging in RAD-AID programs, please email Dr. Pollack at [email protected]

Alice Chong, MD, MHCI

Program Manager, RAD-AID Breast Imaging

Alice Chong, MD, MHCI serves RAD-AID International as one of the Breast Imaging Program Directors. Dr. Chong is a breast imaging radiologist at the University of Pennsylvania, where she shares her passion for global health with radiology trainees and supports the RAD-AID Chapter at Penn. She received her medical degree and master’s degree in healthcare innovation at the University of Pennsylvania, her diagnostic residency at Yale University, and completed fellowships at the University of California, San Francisco and Columbia University. Working with RAD-AID regional and in-country leaders, Dr. Chong’s RAD-AID activities have including India’s Asha Jyoti women’s mobile health cancer screening program, assessing breast imaging needs in Ghana and Tanzania, as well as providing subspecialty education at RAD-AID partner hospitals and online. Interested volunteers can contact her at [email protected]

Kara-Lee Pool, MD

Program Manager, RAD-AID Breast Imaging

Kara-Lee Pool is an assistant professor of radiology at the University of California, Los Angeles with clinical focus in breast imaging and pediatric imaging. Her research, community initiatives, and program building are focused on global health research and education. Dr. Pool produced an award-winning documentary titled “Mountains of Hope” about the challenges of HIV in Lesotho. She created an ultrasound technique with colleagues at the University of Cape Town to evaluate mediastinal lymphadenopathy in children as a marker of pulmonary tuberculosis. Her current research in Malawi includes training local clinicians in point-of-care ultrasound as a tool in the diagnosis of extrapulmonary tuberculosis. She is conducting a collaborative project with oncologic surgeons in South Africa with the goal of implementing diagnostic breast ultrasound to assist in triaging palpable breast masses. Additionally, she is conducting a collaborative project with Infectious Disease specialists in Brazil on imaging of ZIKA infected patients. Dr. Pool created one of the first formalized four-year global health curricula for radiology residents. She is an operational and management Team leader for RAD-AID International and an International Outreach Committee Member for the Society of Breast Imaging. Dr. Pool is an invited lecturer for the World Health Organization on the topics of breast ultrasound and ultrasound of infectious diseases.

Karen Sacker, DCR(R)

Program Manager, RAD-AID Breast Imaging

Karen Sacker is a Senior Mammographer currently working within the National  Health Service Breast Screening Programme (NHSBSP) at South Lancashire Breast Screening Unit in the UK. She has extensive Radiography experience both in terms of general  Radiography techniques  and Mammography . She also undertakes DEXA Bone Mineral Densitometry and is a member of  The Society and College of Radiographers. Karen has spent her career working in various hospitals within the National Health Service and  holds the Diploma of the College of Radiographers (DCR), The College of Radiographers Certificate of Competence in Mammography and the National training scheme Certificate of Competence in DEXA Bone Mineral Densitometry.

She has also completed further Post Graduate study including modules in Research in Action, Communication and Counselling, NHS Management and Fundamentals of Mammography Reporting. Karen has worked alongside RAD-AID Regional Leaders supporting Breast Imaging Programmes, providing education and training, in India  (Asha Jyoti women’s mobile health screening programme) and Guyana. Her goals are to support the aims of the RAD-AID Breast Imaging team in ensuring that more underserved women globally have access to breast imaging services. For further information about volunteering as a Mammo Tech or Mammographer please contact [email protected]