Melissa Culp, MEd, RT(R)(MR)

Vice President and Chief Operating Officer

Melissa Culp has been working with radiology professionals in Malawi since 2013. With other program leaders, Melissa fosters long-term educational partnerships with colleagues in Lilongwe to promote collaboration and increase radiology’s contribution to global health initiatives. For questions about RAD-AID Malawi, please contact Melissa: [email protected]

Program Advisors, RAD-AID Malawi

Program advisors and team-members for RAD-AID Malawi include: Andrew Woodward, Issack Boru, Lauren Fuller, Nina Kleven-Madsen, Jason Lee, Sara Long, Isabelle Nabenstein, and Amit Sura.

Brett Murdock, MD

Program Radiologist, RAD-AID Malawi

Brett Murdock, MD is a clinical assistant professor of radiology at UNC-Chapel Hill. During his diagnostic radiology residency, he traveled with RAD-AID Malawi to work with colleagues at Kamuzu Central Hospital. Now a faculty member in the Division of Cardiothoracic Imaging at UNC, Dr. Murdock continues to work with colleagues in Lilongwe and promotes trainee involvement in the partnership.

Kara-Lee Pool, MD

Program Radiologist, RAD-AID Malawi

Kara-Lee Pool, MD is a radiologist and global health researcher at UCLA, Department of Radiology. She is currently collaborating on a research project with Partners in Hope in Malawi evaluating ultrasound as a tool in the diagnosis of extrapulmonary TB in HIV positive patients using the FASH technique. Dr. Pool has volunteered in several countries including South Africa, Lesotho, Ecuador and Greece. She has produced documentaries and lectured nationally and internationally on the topic of global health.