Richard “Fuge” Fucillo

Program Manager, RAD-AID Technologist Program

Fuge is an experienced radiologic technologist and prior RAD-AID ASRT Foundation Outreach Fellow to Jamaica. He participated in RAD-AID Jamaica and RAD-AID Guyana. As Program Manager of the RAD-AID Technologist Program, Fuge manages interviews and selection for the ASRT Foundation, CoR, and CAMRT Fellowship Programs, which offer funded opportunities for professional society members to participate in RAD-AID projects. For questions on volunteer roles for technologists, please contact Fuge at [email protected]

Regina Ley, BS, RT(T)

Program Manager, RAD-AID Technologist Program

Regina has been a radiation therapist for more than 27 years. Her first “exposure” to the field came when she was treated for Hodgkin’s Disease in 1988. She currently works at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center in New York (where she was treated) as a therapist and faculty member for the radiation therapy program. In 2016, she was a RAD-AID ASRT Foundation Outreach Fellowship recipient and traveled with the first team sent to Kenya to assist in the development of their radiation oncology department. Knowing from personal experience that access to quality treatment is key to surviving cancer, Regina is honored and excited to be a part of RAD-AID’s mission for accessible diagnostic and therapeutic radiology for everyone.