RAD-AID Liberia


RAD-AID Volunteer, Kristin Pahl, in Liberia, 2017.

RAD-AID is working with Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai to improve medical imaging in Liberia. RAD-AID has continuous teams in Monrovia to educate physicians and radiology professionals about radiology best practices. We are currently teaching at local Monrovia hospitals JFK Memorial Hospital and Redemption Hospital, as well as one rural site, Phoebe Hospital, in Bong County.

The access to radiology in Liberia is limited. There are currently 2 radiologists for a country population of 4 million. Diagnostic imaging is limited to x-ray and ultrasound, with plans to implement advanced imaging modalities in the near future, such as CT and MRI. As their access to imaging modalities increases, we hope to provide instruction and education in regards to acquiring images and results. If you would like to volunteer with RAD-AID Liberia, then please sign-up in the RAD-AID Liberia volunteer portal.