RAD-AID Malawi has three long-term bilateral goal initiatives: 1) physician support for radiology integration; 2) technologist/ radiographer education and development for working technologists, faculty, and students; and 3) biomedical engineering development for equipment maintenance. The project is located in Lilongwe, Malawi–the capital city. The main sites of collaboration are Kamuzu Central Hospital (KCH), a public, tertiary referral center, and Malawi College of Health Sciences (MCHS) Radiography Programme.

Kamuzu Central Hospital

Currently, one Malawian consultant radiologist for a 1,000 bed hospital. Modalities include radiography, ultrasound, and CT. Human capacity development is a major focus with emphasis 1) effective radiology integration for physicians across clinical services with emphasis on interdisciplinary collaboration between surgery and radiology; 2) on providing funding for attendance by Malawian colleagues at regional radiology conferences within Africa; 3) professional development for radiographers on requested topics, & 4) on a long-term goal of training additional radiologists for Malawi.

Malawi College of Health Sciences

Technologists are the professionals that use radiology equipment to take images of patients. RAD-AID Malawi partners with the Malawi College of Health Sciences Radiography Programme which is the only school for technologists in the whole nation of 17 million people. By working with the student technologists through the school, the partnership can impact care for an entire nation of patients. Guest lectures are given at MCHS by RAD-AID faculty and volunteers. Additionally, the program sponsored a faculty member from MCHS to visit a technologist school in the United States for investigation of instructional designs and methods.

Partners in Hope

Partners in Hope (PIH) is a Malawian non-profit organization that began in 2004 with emphasis on HIV/AIDS clinical care and community education. It has grown to care for over 7,000 patients with HIV. Through a partnership with USAID, PIH’s EQUIP-Malawi project provides training, mentoring, and facility development at over 70 hospitals and clinics in Malawi’s Central and Northern Region. Recognizing that HIV/AIDS does not occur in a vacuum, PIH has expanded its focus to broader health systems strengthening. RAD-AID International supports ultrasound education for clinicians and radiology professionals at Partners in Hope.

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