Morocco is a low-middle income country in North Africa with a population of over 35 million (2017). Moroccan healthcare system has four layers: primary care, provincial hospitals and private clinics, hospitals in major cities, and university hospitals. Moroccans are served through universal public and private healthcare system. Public healthcare system serves around 70% of the population and public hospitals still face huge gaps in doctors, equipment, and medicine. Private practice grows rapidly, which often draws physicians away from public hospitals, including radiologists.

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In November 2016, UTHealth McGovern Rad-AID Chapter started Radiology-Readiness to assess gaps and goals at selected Moroccan hospitals, which continued in May 2017 and May 2018. There are three things to focus: education for radiology professionals, workflow and PACS optimization, and mobile health program to reach remote communities.

RAD-AID’s team and in-country partners plan to 1) enhance training and develop curriculum in interventional, musculoskeletal, and emergency radiology through hands-training during field visits and online conferences; and 2) collaborate for scientific presentation and publication in US journals, which will start in ARRS 2019.

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