nepalRAD-AID’s team worked in Nepal from May 9 to May 30th in assistance to the victims of Nepal’s tragic earthquake. RAD-AID’s on-site team consisted of 2 physicians (radiologists) and 4 technologists. The team visited six hospitals in the first few days of this work. Our current plan in Nepal includes care for trauma patients, implementation of trauma radiology protocols, radiology-infrastructure damage assessments, and helping to create a reconstruction plan. This work is taking place at RAD-AID’s partner, Tribhuvan University Teaching Hospital (TUTH) in Kathmandu and five other hospitals in the region.    

 Donate-NepalBrief Program Overview

Dr. Farhad Ebrahim on RAD-AID Nepal team, teaching at TUTH in May 2015

Dr. Farhad Ebrahim on RAD-AID Nepal team, teaching at TUTH in May 2015

RAD-AID performed a Radiology-Readiness assessment in Nepal in 2014, with results presented at the 2014 RAD-AID Conference. The program was launched by Ted Van Ausdall based on his work with colleagues and partners at Tribhuvan University Teaching Hospital (TUTH), with subsequent co-leadership of the program from Zachary Berry.

When the earthquake struck Nepal, our program team leaders stayed in close communications with radiology professionals at TUTH, indicating an urgent need for medical supplies, trauma imaging, training resources, and radiology-workflow management.

Sara Ferge of RAD-AID Nepal working in Kathmandu after the second earthquake struck Nepal on May 12, 2015.

RAD-AID coordinated emergency relief efforts with other global NGOs and the World Health Organization.  We thank our member contributors, ASRT Foundation, CoR, ACR Foundation, and Gorkha Foundation for their support of the RAD-AID Nepal team.  Next stage efforts in Nepal will focus on educational training and informatics support in Kathmandu, along with an emergency relief grant from ACR Foundation. If you want to volunteer with RAD-AID Nepal, please sign-up in the RAD-AID Nepal volunteer portal.