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RAD-AID Cape Verde

Cape Verde consists of ten islands having 500,000 inhabitants and only a handful of health centers and radiology professionals. Under the leadership of Dr. Robin Sobolewski, who served in the Peace Corps in Cape Verde, a team of volunteers donated much needed ultrasound equipment to Cape Verde in 2013 along with conducting a RAD-AID Radiology-Readiness assessment of the Islands of Cape Verde. Dr. Sobolewski presented the results of this assessment and outreach effort at the 2013 RAD-AID Conference and is now expanding the program with training and equipment optimization.

Her team traveled to Cape Verde in early 2015. They saw over 150 patients and performed 170 ultrasounds. The


RAD-AID ASRT Foundation Outreach Fellow performing ultrasounds in Cape Verde

group met with a local internist as well as a regional surgeon, radiologist, and gynecologist to discuss current health issues in Fogo and make plans for future projects. Additionally, the team visited remote health posts and local schools to extend outreach and donate medical supplies. Help us to make a difference in Cape Verde! More updates on RAD-AID Cape Verde are at our Cape Verde Facebook Page.


Dr. Sobolewski with Clinicians from Centro de Saude dos Mosteiros



Dr. Robin Sobolewski and team presenting ultrasound donation