RAD-AID Malawi: Warm Heart of Africa


Goals and Mission

Mission: to promote sustainable radiology global health initiatives through long-term educational partnerships.

RAD-AID Malawi has three long-term bilateral goal initiatives: 1) radiologist support; 2) technologist/ radiographer education and development for working technologists, faculty, and students; and 3) biomedical engineering development for equipment maintenance. The project is located in Lilongwe, Malawi”the capital city. The main sites of collaboration are Kamuzu Central Hospital (KCH), a public, tertiary referral center, and Malawi College of Health Sciences (MCHS) Radiography Programme.

Successes and Progress

  • Completion of Radiology Readiness Assessment and Country Report in 2013.
  • Donation of educational items, such as laptop, projector, textbooks.
  • Multiple exchange visits to and from Malawi.
  • RAD-AID faculty radiologists and technologists have provided on-site guest lectures and continuing education opportunities for clinicians, faculty, and trainees at Malawi College of Health Sciences Radiography Programme and Kamuzu Central Hospital.
  • Student involvement bilaterally. Student technologists from the U.S. and Malawi benefit from the program by receiving and providing lectures/collaborating on educational projects. RAD-AID member radiology residents and medical students have participated in the program at Kamuzu Central Hospital.
  • Participation in RAD-AID Children™s Health Program. Pediatric radiologists from Children™s Hospital of LA and UC Davis have visited KCH to provide educational outreach.
  • Currently, only one radiologist at KCH, a 1,000 bed facility. RAD-AID Malawi raised funds successfully to send Malawian medical officers for radiology residency interviews at the University of Nairobi in Kenya. The delegation received one of only two offered foreign national positions in the residency program. After completion of residency, the new radiologist will return to Malawi to practice.
  • Consulted on National Radiology Policy for the Malawian Ministry of Health; established a relationship between the MoH and PACORI™s AFROSAFE initiative.
  • Creation of a baccalaureate level curriculum for technologists tailored to needs of Malawi. Under consideration of the MoH.
  • Integration of mobile electronic devices (tablets) into the classroom at MCHS with use of 3G data to overcome obstacle of limited Internet. This initiative allows continued educational support and access to resources.


At Kamuzu Central Hospital, RAD-AID ASRT Foundation Outreach Fellow, Sara Ferge, providing ultrasound instruction to students and technologists.

tablets RADAID Malawi

MCHS Radiography Programme students involved in the tablet classroom integration project, 2016.

Upcoming Events

Interdisciplinary teams traveling to Lilongwe in January and March 2017 to focus on chest imaging, interventional radiology education, and sonography. For more information about RAD-AID Malawi, email [email protected]

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RAD-AID’s Dr. Sura working with KCH consultant radiologist, Dr. Mzumara, as part of the Children’s Health initiative during July 2015.


RAD-AID team members visiting Mr. Shaba, the Acting Head of Radiography Programme at Malawi College of Health Sciences, July 2015.

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