uganda_map(2)RAD-AID is working with Imaging the World (ITW) to evaluate and improve medical imaging in Uganda. In the summer of 2010, RAD-AID member Benjamin Johnson, a medical student at the University of California, San Diego, spent 5 weeks in Uganda helping ITW implement their pilot project, which aims to provide ultrasound imaging to rural regions of the country using novel imaging techniques and teleradiology for interpretation and reporting.

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In addition to working as a trainer and volunteer with ITW, Ben also completed a Radiology Readiness assessment of Kamuli Mission Hospital, the 160-bed hospital that will serve as the referral site for ITW’s pilot project. He also visited multiple hospitals in Kampala, including the national referral hospital, Mulago Hospital, where he met with staff radiologists and toured the hospital’s imaging facilities.  Information collected during these visits will be used to update the comprehensive country report developed by RAD-AID’s foreign policy team in conjuction with RAD-AID volunteer Dr. James Ntambe.

 rad aid itwAlso, be sure to check out RAD-AID’s blog, where Ben regularly documented his experiences with words and pictures. Ben also presented his observations and experiences as a medical student volunteer at Rad-Aid’s second annual meeting on November 1, 2010. Further updates on Uganda were presented at the 2011 RAD-AID Conference in which multiple imaging models from Africa were presented on the Clinical Model Panel.