RAD-AID Nicaraguadonate-to-Nicaragua

RAD-AID Nicaragua team working on ultrasound, 2015

RAD-AID Nicaragua team working on ultrasound, 2015

RAD-AID Nicaragua launched its program in 2014 under the leadership of Dr. Gillian Battino, Director of RAD-AID Latin America. RAD-AID’s in-country partner is Amos Health and Hope in Managua, Nicaragua. Dr. Battino led this program initiative by starting the University of Wisconsin (UW) RAD-AID Chapter, which served as RAD-AID’s first outreach team to Nicaragua in May 2014. The team recently returned in February 2015 under Dr. Ozel  and Dr. Elezaby. 

RAD-AID and University of Wisconsin (UW) Madison Department of Radiology worked together in 2015 to donate ultrasound equipment in addition to providing training and clinical assistance. During the February 2015 visit, the team donated and delivered an ultrasound probe to supplement the previously donated ultrasound equipment, and implemented optimized methods for sterilization of ultrasound equipment.


UW Madison RAD-AID Chapter members reviewing mammography cases in Nicaragua

Nicaragua 6

UW Madison RAD-AID Chapter members performing ultrasounds in Nicaragua

The team also recently set-up a local picture archiving and communication system (PACS) and bilingual record keeping system with potential for future remote access and web-based image-sharing. The team performed over 80 ultrasounds over 3.5 days of scanning in the urban center at AMOS in Managua, the government clinic in rural El Ayote, and a rural clinic in Banco de Sikia in the RAAS region of Nicaragua. Additionally, they established relationships with both a public radiology residency at Bertha Calderon Hospital and a private hospital radiology residency at Hospital Bautista in Managua and strengthened local partnerships.

Under the leadership of Director of RAD-AID Informatics, Dr. Andrew Kesselman, and Director of RAD-AID Latin America, Dr. Gillian Battino, a follow-up trip reinforced and improved the PACS network. The upgrade incorporated all modalities at the site with multiple workstations for image viewing and remote access for support.


RAD-AID’s Director of Informatics, Dr. Andrew Kesselman, with PACS implementation, 2015


RAD-AID Drs. Battino and Kesselman in Nicaragua, 2015.

RAD-AID plans to continue in Nicaragua in close collaboration with the World Health Organization Pan American Health Organization.  If you are interested in our program in Nicaragua, please contact Dr. Battino at [email protected]