WHO PAHO RAD-AID PhotoRAD-AID has significantly strengthened its programs in Central America, South America,  and the Caribbean through a partnership with the World Health Organization and Pan American Health Organization (WHO/PAHO). Through this program, RAD-AID collaborates with WHO/PAHO to provide on-site assistance to health care and outreach organizations in Latin America and the Caribbean.  Our educational programs include workshops, hands-on training, and online learning resources.  RAD-AID also provides assessment and technical assistance for medical technologies and radiology.

In November of 2011, RAD-AID’s team worked to start off the program in a two-day intensive meeting with WHO officials to adapt our Radiology-Readiness tool for WHO/PAHO’s objectives. Dr. Jimenez of WHO/PAHO presented at the RAD-AID Conferences of 2011 and 2012 at Johns Hopkins on the need for improving radiology in Latin America’s poorest regions.

The RAD-AID WHO/PAHO team from the start-up meeting is shown above-left, including (left to right):  Devin Caywood, Ben Paxton, Matt Lungren, Dan Mollura, Pablo Jimenez, Alexandre Lemgruber, Ileana Fleitas, Kayiba Medlen and Jose Rodrigo Restrepo Gonzalez. Other participants (not in photo) include James Fitzgerald (WHO/PAHO) and Ezana Azene (RAD-AID).