RAD-AID Guyana

Georgetown Public Hospital, in Georgetown, Guyana, is the country’s largest hospital with 600 beds. During 2015, an initial site visit was conducted by Drs. Axelrod (Hofstra North Shore LIJ RAD-AID Chapter), Berndt Schmit (University of Pittsburgh RAD-AID Chapter), Terry York, and Gillian Battino (Director of RAD-AID Latin America). The team conducted a Radiology Readiness Assessment and found that a major goal of the partnership is to help build radiology residency training opportunities for Guyana. The team met with local colleagues from the WHO’s Pan American Health Organization to discuss breast cancer awareness in Guyana and the development of the radiology residency program. If you would like to volunteer to support the radiology residency program in Guyana, then sign-up today.


RAD-AID Guyana, 2015.