USA – Underserved Regions

University of Alabama RAD-AID Chapter delivers hands-on ultrasound and procedure training using models and advanced simulators to health care providers in underserved Selma, Alabama (2019)

RAD-AID is rapidly expanding programs in the United States for rural and urban regions with health care disparities. RAD-AID’s partnership with Breast Care for Washington (BCW) brings mobile mammography services to underserved populations in the Washington DC area that currently lack mammography and lead the US in breast cancer mortality. In Appalachian Virginia, RAD-AID is partnered with The Health Wagon to bring PACS, ultrasound, and x-ray services to rural underserved populations lacking access to advanced medical imaging. In Alabama and North Carolina, RAD-AID has programs in Selma and Piedmont, respectively, to support ultrasound and health IT for family medicine services at rural clinics.

RAD-AID delivering ultrasound training to a rural clinic in North Carolina (2019).

RAD-AID Appalachia team (photo) delivered free ultrasound exams in Wise, Virginia along with donated PACS installation to advance radiology accessibility in the Appalachian regions of the United States in collaboration with the Health Wagon.