New Partnership with WFUMB

RAD-AID has new opportunities in Ultrasound! We are pleased to announce a partnership with the World Federation for Ultrasound in Medicine and Biology (WFUMB), to collaboratively advance the use of ultrasound in medically underserved communities across the globe. WFUMB has a strong history of providing educational workshops for training health workers in the use of clinical ultrasound. In the partnership, RAD-AID will provide on-site facility-based assistance and hand-on training in collaboration with WFUMB’s educational workshops. The collaboration leverages WFUMB’s experience in conference delivery and education with RAD-AID’s global network of multidisciplinary radiology teams working in-country to support local health workers and radiology professionals. In this way, principles and methods taught during WFUMB workshops can be reinforced via RAD-AID’s longitudinal on-site teams to put such ultrasound principles and methods into day-to-day practice. If you are interested in working on international ultrasound with RAD-AID, please apply now or learn more.