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RAD-AID and ARIN Nursing collaborating on nursing education initiatives with the Georgetown School of Nursing in Guyana, 2018.

RAD-AID’s nursing program promotes the advancement of nursing practice throughout our global programs by increasing nursing capacity, knowledge and clinical skills while advocating for the health and well-being of populations in resource-limited settings. We encourage nurses, clinical nurse specialists, nurse practitioners, and certified radiology nurses to join RAD-AID’s global teams to expand nursing education and optimise radiology services around the world. Since 2012, RAD-AID has partnered with the Association of Radiology Nursing and Imaging (ARIN) to collaborate on curriculum development and implementation of training programs.

Nurse volunteers are especially needed with sub-specialties in CT for the Guyana program; Interventional Radiology for the Tanzania program, Radiation Oncology for the Kenya program; and Women’s Health for breast cancer screening programs in Haiti and India.

If you are interested in empowering nurses globally, please sign-up to volunteer for a RAD-AID nursing program or lend support through a charitable donation!

RAD-AID Nursing volunteers teaching BLS and ACLS

RAD-AID’s Director of Nursing, Patty DuCharme, RAD-AID and ARIN volunteers, and nursing students in Guyana, 2018.