RAD-AID Nursing

Global Nursing for Optimizing Radiology in the Developing World

As an interdisciplinary organization offering well-rounded solutions to imaging shortages around the world, RAD-AID offers a program for nurses to participate in RAD-AID teams for clinical assistance, education, and research in the developing world. We encourage RNs, NPs, and Radiologic Nurses to join RAD-AID teams across the globe in assistance to hospitals and patients in need.  

Since 2012, RAD-AID partnered with the Association for Radiologic and Imaging Nurses (ARIN) and is currently expanding partnerships with non-radiologic nursing societies. Nurses are specifically needed in the RAD-AID China program for Cancer Imaging and Treatment, for training oncologic nurses in interdisciplinary cancer patient-care in Yinchuan, China.

If you are interested in these opportunities for nurses at RAD-AID, please contact us at [email protected].  

RAD-AID Nursing

RAD-AID Nursing Program at 2016 RAD-AID International Conference