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RAD-AID Cancer Imaging and Treatment Program


Director of RAD-AID Radiation Oncology, Shilpen Patel, MD, FACRO, with RAD-AID Cancer Imaging and Treatment in China

In 2014, RAD-AID and the ASRT Foundation began collaborating to offer funded opportunities to support radiation therapists interested in serving in China. These efforts created the RAD-AID Cancer Imaging and Treatment Program, which began in Yinchuan, China at Affiliated Hospital of Ningxia Medical University, where RAD-AID worked in 2010 and sent a delegation to work and teach in May 2014.


RAD-AID in Kenya, 2016.

During July 2015, RAD-AID completed another visit to China to participate in a joint symposium with Affiliated Hospital of Ningxia Medical University in Yinchuan. The meeting featured radiation oncology educational sessions for regional providers and was a great success with double the expected attendance. During 2016, RAD-AID participated in the joint symposium again and continues its relationship with Ningxia.


RAD-AID Team at Kenyatta National Hospital, 2016.

Under the leadership of Shilpen Patel, MD, FACRO, Director of RAD-AID Radiation Oncology, and Kate Ryan, BS, RT(T), Associate Program Manager of RAD-AID Radiation Oncology, the efforts of the RAD-AID Cancer Imaging and Treatment Program have continued to expand. With an initial trip completed at Kenyatta National Hospital (KNH) in Nairobi, Kenya, and other sites under development in Africa and India, the importance of interdisciplinary oncology teams has emerged as a priority. RAD-AID has an established relationship at KNH and the timing of a radiation oncology team visit was very impactful because the site recently received its first linear accelerator this year previously they had only Cobalt-60 units.

Other RAD-AID Cancer Imaging and Treatment site locations under development include Malawi and Tanzania. RAD-AID teams work with local colleagues through hands-on training and education. The RAD-AID Cancer Imaging and Treatment Program works with partners to create a systematic response mechanism as an oncology community to address the educational needs of our radiology and radiation oncology colleagues around the world.