RAD-AID Research Program

RAD-AID believes that research is a vital engine for innovation, outcomes measurement, and assessment for continuing sustainable radiology development.  We welcome volunteers, students and partners to join RAD-AID in the following research initiatives:Taking a History

  1. Radiology-Readiness – collecting radiology infrastructure data for planning the implementation, improvement, and optimization of medical imaging services.

  1. Country Reports Program – researching and writing analytical reports about the radiology resources available in the developing world, to be published online. RAD-AID Country Reports serve as key foundation research for starting and maintaining RAD-AID programs around the world.

  1. Public Health – RAD-AID regularly sends public health teams to its sites around the world for measuring health outcomes and improving service delivery. Examples includes cancer screening in India and Nicaragua, imaging quality research in the Caribbean, and cancer treatment in China.

  1. Clinical Model Development – RAD-AID performed outcomes research to measure how resource-limited regions need or use imaging, with novel approaches to overcome this scarcity. In this context, new approaches for radiology workflow and innovative technologies are designed, tested and implemented. Examples include digital imaging in RAD-AID Ghana and integrated women’s mobile health van in India.