World Health Organization

RAD-AID Affiliation with United Nations & World Health Organization

international-aid-organizationsRAD-AID offers its volunteers the unique opportunity to work closely with the World Health Organization (WHO) via a strong global partnership that has been operating since 2012.  Through collaborative research, outreach and program implementation, RAD-AID and WHO work together to address health care disparities and radiology-resource shortages. In recognition of this 3-year track record, the United Nations voted in January of 2015 to approve RAD-AID as a UN-affiliated NGO.

This affiliation means that RAD-AID has a concrete plan to work with the UN and the WHO to improve and increase radiology in the developing world for addressing health care shortages and poverty.

This plan includes (i) further strengthening and distribution of  Radiology-Readiness, (endorsed by the WHO in 2012), (iii) radiation safety outreach, and (iii) numerous on-site programs for assisting radiology personnel in the developing world. You can participate in RAD-AID/WHO projects by applying now.