Chapter Requirements and Components

  •  To form a RAD-AID Chapter, you must be from an academic medical center located in the United States accredited by Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education (ACGME).

  •  At least 3 members of your institution must sign a chapter formation document (below), in addition to the director or lead administrator for your department (such as Residency Program Director, Department Director/Chairperson, etc.).

  • Mail a check made out to RAD-AID International for $200 to 8004 Ellingson Drive, Chevy Chase, MD 20815 or pay online during your application submission. If your institution plans to pay the yearly fee, click that option during the online application and RAD-AID can provide the necessary documentation to your institution. Your application will not be considered complete until the payment is received.

  Program Components

  1. $200 yearly contribution (which is used only for RAD-AID to fund web development, conferences, and grants for international programs). The check may be written either by the sponsoring department or by one of the members signing the application (below).

  2. Monthly conference calls and/or webinars with leaders from other RAD-AID Chapters Network affiliate universities (approximately 1 hour). This conference call will provide updates on projects and international radiology curriculum development. The webinars also provide didactic talks and discussion forums on international health topics related to radiology.

  3. Collaborate on one project per year, which can be a country report, a research publication, travel project, etc. In some cases, the project requirement may be waived per the approval of RAD-AID Chapter Program management. Regular participation in RAD-AID webinars may also count as a project since many RAD-AID Chapters wish to go through a training process before starting a global outreach project.

  4. Annual renewal, by which the chapter must resubmit the application form including at least 3 member signatures and the signature of the academic institution’s department leader or director to maintain the chapter’s affiliation with RAD-AID.


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