How can RAD-AID help?

teleradiology imageRadiology has made substantial progress in the last 20 years with the advent and development of MRI, CT, molecular imaging and other advancing modalities. However, the high costs of these technologies and resource-intensive training for properly utilizing these life-saving modalities threatens to leave most of the developing and rural world behind without access. According to the Bulletin of the American College of Radiology in August 2008, Countries in Need: Radiologist on the Global Trail, there is a widespread lack of resources for medical imaging in developing regions which has severely hampered the quality of health care in these areas.

logoRAD-AID is answering this need by building a global network for assisting the developing world in achieving better access to medical imaging services. A team of healthcare professionals have joined to create an infrastructure for service and technological development that brings increased access to the best care, with an organizational structure designed for a sustained longitudinal legacy of dialog, education, resources and collaboration.