RAD-AID Chapters

A RAD-AID Chapter is a grass-roots organization started by the faculty, staff and students of a US and Canada based ACGME accredited academic medical center to deliver global health outreach and radiology training.  RAD-AID supports the chapters in planning and implementing international projects in addition to providing a network for collaboration in charitable assistance to poor and resource limited regions of the world.

You can view the RAD-AID Chapters’ web sites by clicking the university icons below.  We are grateful to the Departmental Chairs and faculty at these institutions for giving signed permission and support for the formation of these chapters. The sites below contain information on news and projects within the RAD-AID Chapters. If you are interested in creating a Chapter at your academic institution, read more and submit an application on the RAD-AID Chapters pageThe Chapters below are also viewable as a Text List for your convenience.


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