The Integris Baptist Medical Center (IBMC) RAD-AID group was founded in 2018 by radiology residents and faculty interested in the common ground between diagnostic/interventional radiology and global health. Our residents and faculty bring prior global health experience from time spent in southeast Asia, Haiti and Mexico. As a newly-founded chapter, we are excited to network and get more involved with ongoing projects in the greater RAD-AID organization. To that end, members of the IBMC RAD-AID group will be attending the 2018 RAD-AID conference on November 3rd, 2018 in Washington, D.C.

Potential future projects:

  • Teleradiology remote-reading and interpretation of CT scans, ultrasounds and radiographs for the Hopital Universitaire de Mirebalais in Mirebalais, Haiti, in conjunction with Partners in Health
  • Organizing/participating in yearly global health trips abroad with the RAD-AID organization
  • Establishing an ACGME-accredited global health rotation for upper level IBMC radiology residents which will include participation in global health activities & experience teaching/mentoring lower-level residents 


  • Current faculty advisor: Dr. Iwan Tjauw
  • Founding resident members: Dr. Mertalaine Mulatre (R2), Dr. Benjamin Fortson (R1), and Dr. Andrew Moore (R2)


  • Please feel free to reach out and contact our current IBMC Radiology Residency Global Health Chair,  Andrew Moore, for any questions or additional information at [email protected].
  • For more information on the Integris Baptist Medical Center (IBMC) diagnostic radiology residency, click HERE.