Welcome to the RAD-AID Chapter of Yale University School of Medicine

In the setting of ongoing efforts to expand opportunities for global outreach within the Yale Radiology and Biomedical Imaging Community, we are pleased to announce the formation of a Yale RADAID chapter! We are proud to be added to the list of institutions associated with RADAID, and it is our hope that being a part of the organization will assist trainees, attending physicians and technologists from our institution to participate in expanding radiology global outreach opportunities.


President:  Krystal Buchanan, MD

Faculty Advisors: Frank Minja, MD and Melissa Davis, MD

Special thanks to our Chairman Jeff Geschwind, MD and Program Director Jamal Bokhari, MD for your support.

Ongoing Projects:
  • Ongoing participation with an established 4th year resident elective in Tanzania (http://radiology.yale.edu/education/outreachtanzania.aspx)
  • Supporting the development of outreach opportunities in new locations, currently evaluating sites in Jamaica and Cameroon
  • Monthly RADAID webinars regarding radiology global outreach
  • Interdepartmental global health themed journal clubs and events
  • Developing teaching and lecture materials for RADAID associated teaching partnerships



Outreach in Jamaica:









Outreach in Tanzania:


















Educational Programs:

  • Collaborate with other chapters to share and exchange lecture materials
  • Chapter webpage for content distribution to local residents
  • Maintain teaching file to use on outreach trips


Contact Us!

For more information, please email us at :

[email protected]