Washington, DC

RAD-AID and BCW announcing collaboration for DC area breast cancer screening

The District of Columbia leads in rate of cancer death due to breast cancer within the United States (US); 28.5/100,000 in DC and 20,3/100,000 in the US. Breast cancer death rates in Maryland and Virginia are 21.7 and 21.3 per 100,000, respectively. (CDC 2015.)

According to DC Health Equity Report 2016, 18% of DC population lives in poverty. There is no mammography in wards 1, 6, and 7, and there are only two facilities offering 3D mammography in ward 8.  Furthermore, only 12% of DC women are eligible for breast cancer screening on public insurance receiving mammography. (DC Healthcare Finance Department 2008.)

RAD-AID and Breast Care for Washington

RAD-AID partners with Breast Care for Washington to help address issues that stop women from receiving breast care they need. The partnership operates a mobile radiology clinic, with mammography, ultrasound, and patient intake suites, that serves the DC area.